yumin dancing to exos growl


cr: yoonyul

she’s got that something

Pink monster vs Weird lie detector

Live On Tour M&G - Manchester  8/16

happy birthday to after school’s eye-smiling maknae lee kaeun!


Troian Bellisario accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge & gets doused by her fiancé, Patrick Adams ♡

not to be annoying but as we are in a serious drought please share your ice bucket water with a friend and recycle it (like I did with @halfadams and you will see it’s very satisfying. I think he got a little too much enjoyment out of this… But my revenge tasted so sweet)

"When I was young, I was envious of the thinner styles. I had a lot of stress because I was more sturdy and muscular. As I became older, I grew more confident. Now, I am confident and don’t stress out about my body.” - hyosung