Just one. I’m a few, no family, too. Who am I?

there are many things to love about hyoyeon, just the way she is. she has a unique personality. she’s talented. I have never seen anyone who can dance as well as she. she gives me goosebumps every time she dances. and how much passion and power she has for dancing. hyoyeon the dancing queen. i might never find good words to describe her. she really deserve it and more. i believe at her hard work. it seems as if she never stops trying. hyoyeon you can make me laugh and smile every single day. you’re too perfect for me. please don’t stop and continue to be best person over the world. my life would be purposeless without you you inspire me to be better you challenge me for the better.

happy birthday, kim hyoyeon - 890922 - 120922

Adelaide Kane attends the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival

2014년 9월 22일 

To a boy who never fails to make us smile, laugh and want to hit something because of how cute he is. To an amazing dancer, singer, actor and well-rounded artist. I’m really happy to support such a humble and respectful person like you. Thank you for always working hard and doing the best that you can do for IGOT7s and the people around you.

Happy 20th/21st birthday, Jinyoungie! 진영이, 생일축하해요♥

can you not: kwon yuri edition

140922 - happy birthday dancing queen! 

우주천재기묘연 생일축하해 ️ happy birthday HY #happybirthdayHY #hyoyeon #0922

precious baby jiminnie.  ♥